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Sonic Branding | Jet Airways



Worked on the entire page ‘audio’ in the brand book of the Indian but world-wide operating airline Jet Airways following the implementation of their 20 years brand anniversary.

Now that Amazon Alexa and Google Home are pushing the audio interface on a global scale, Jet Airways as one of the fastest growing international airlines had to streamline their sonic branding.

We have created an online portal for the brand teams, containing guidelines for how and what kind of music and sound should be used in their ads, a complete pre-licensed music library for the brand, a beautiful and brand-fitting sound logo that is formed from Indian roots but with a modern and global outlook. The sonic branding project took a 2 month period and resulted in a coherent and brand-fitting use of music and sound for the brand worldwide.

(Sharing of case film is pending)


Role: Sonic Branding

Client: Amp.Amsterdam, Jet Airways

jet airways 3942.jpg