A N A L O G I A - M U S I C

What We Do

Shaping Immersive Worlds


What We Do

Creators of aesthetic immersive experiences focusing on enhancing the expression of your brand, product, movie, commercial, performance or game. It is our mission to explore the frontier of what's possible with audio and visuals. Whether that's hooking your brains up to a computer-sound system or creating a full-fledged experiential audio visual story tightly integrated in a high converting marketing funnel. We are truly on a quest to discover and harness the full potential of music, sound and visual immersive experiences.



Sonic Identity and Voice Design

We are going from a visual culture to an auditive culture. Visuals have long dominated all our tech, but GUI are not the most natural way of interacting with machines. Voice is much more natural and seamless.

We are soon going to create more and more emotional bonds with our machines. As they become more omnipresent and less apparent. To create an emotional bond with a machines is way more natural and easier with voice and audio than with visuals.



Audio-Visual Design for AR / VR and Installations

We are creators of worlds and we have our speciality right at the crossroads of new technology and audio and visual creativity. You can find us on the forefront of AR, VR and installation design. We work with a highly skilled team and partners that can turn any story into an immersive audio visual world.



Music and Sound Design for New Media

Working with a team of high class composers, musicians or orchestra we can create any type of music for a diverse range of projects. With our in-house team of experts and multiple studios we can additionally offer any type of sound design and audio engineering. We are specialized in creating interactive music and sound systems for experiential installations. By using the latest technology we can make sound adaptive and 3D spatial on any type of system.