A N A L O G I A - M U S I C




We are a global group of creative & technical designers for immersive user experiences. We focus on enhancing the expression of your brand, product, movie, commercial, performance or game. It is our mission to always be on the cutting edge of the creation of unique audio visual experiences.

We provide solutions, we coordinate & execute projects and we have a team plus a big network of qualified high level engineers, designers and producers. Our global experience and outlook combined with a solid team guarantees quality delivery of experiences that are out of this world.

We’ve worked for

Analogia was founded by composer and sonic innovator Daniel Schotsborg who partnered up with sound designer and music producer Francesco Robustelli and practice partner Nitin Mehta. In the roles of executive partners, they lead a team of experienced creative and technical professionals. Analogia works with an in and out-house team of musicians, composers, designers and engineers who take on the most challenging projects.


Analogia Services

Brand Voice Design
Developing the creative and technical side of the new upcoming platform Voice controlled conversational interfaces. More info here.

Experiential Installation Design
We create interactive audio visual systems for experiential installations. By using the latest technology we can make sound adaptive and 3D spatial on any type of system.

AR & VR Design
Working with a team of high class developers and designer, we can create any world, both virtual and augmented.

Sonic Branding
Developing the complete sonic brand identity. We did this for NN, Vodafone and Jet Airways.

Music Composition
In-house compositions for any type of media, new and old. Either new or from our music library.

Sound Design and Engineering
With our in-house team of experts and multiple studios we can offer any type of sound design and audio engineering.